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Philodendron Pink Congo


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What is the Philodendron Pink Congo?

Philodendron Pink Congo is one of the "cultivars" of the Philodendron tatei plant, or better known by its commercial name Philodendron Congo.

Philodendron Pink Congo has leaves that are bright pink when they come out and eventually the leaves will turn to a regular green color.
Philodendron Pink Congo is an ordinary Philodendron Congo plant that is given chemicals to make its new leaves appear pink.

Chemical substances in plants will run out after a certain period of time so that the pink color that comes out will be less and less until it finally disappears.
  • characteristic, Shapes and Colors

In general, this plant has a fairly beautiful leaf shape, which is slightly rounded and ends taper at the end. Initially, this plant has leaves that are dark green and tend to be solid in color.

When allowed to grow, this plant turns out to only have one color on each leaf that grows. So, none of the leaves that grow have 2 colors. In addition, the leaves of this plant also do not have a pattern or motif like most ornamental plants. This is the beauty of it. Not only the leaves are pink, it turns out that the stems are also pink.
  • How to Care
Philodendron 'Pink Congo' plants are easy to care for. There are several things that must be done when caring for this plant. These are the things.

  1. Water with vitamin B1 when new plant seeds are purchased from a plant vendor.
  2. On the second day, water the plants using gramor.
  3. Watering with the next gramor, given for 4 days.
  4. After passing 4 days, flush using plain water for 2 days.
  5. Spray on the leaves every morning to keep the color bright, especially before drying in the sun. It's a good idea to use a hand sprayer when spraying water or vitamins on ornamental plants.
  6. At the time of drying, try not to be too long. Enough plants feel warm.
  7. Fertilize at least once a month to keep the plants nourished. At the time of providing fertilizer, the watering process must still be carried out at least every 2 days in an effort to maintain the humidity of the plant growing media.

Try to provide the best fertilizer so that Philodendron 'Pink Congo' ornamental plants are maintained and can grow well. If the plant is able to grow abundantly and densely, it is better to move it to a new place. Do not forget to add a planting medium in the form of humus soil so that the plants can grow healthy.

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