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Leea Amabilis


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Overview Of The Leea Amabilis

Unique ornamental plants are currently very popular and much sought after by the public. One of them is the plant Leea amabilis. This amazing plant is often accompanied by a princess from a legend. Well, here are the characteristics, how to plant and how to care for Leea plants. Check out the following reviews!

Features, Shapes and Colors
Leea amabilis is a small plant like a tree. This plant has black stems and small leaves that are attractively colored. The type of leaf is an odd-finned compound leaf with an odd number of leaflets as well.

The leaves of this plant are elongated lanceolate, the tip is long pointed, the surface is green like velvet and the leaves are white. While the old leaves are purplish red and the middle is silver white. When the leaves fall, the stalk will leave you on the stem.

Having the genus Leea, this plant is actually quite good at adapting. Unfortunately, many still don't realize that the Leea a mabilis plant is a beautiful and stubborn ornamental plant. An ornamental plant is indeed very suitable if it has a harmonious color and shape.

Talking about harmony, this plant has become one of the most beautiful ornamental plants you can find. Without discrediting other plants, in an ornamental plant shop. Leea amabilis deserves to be called beautiful with all its advantages.

   How to Care
When you have chosen to maintain the plant then you must place this plant in a place with sufficient light. If the plants are placed in a room that does not get light, then all the plants will become finches or thin, tall and slender.

This thin, tall, slender phenomenon can only occur when the plant does not receive enough light. Light has such a vital role that one cannot use it without using additional power.

The care is actually not complicated but if you don't have a place to place this plant to hit direct sunlight, then you should be prepared to build a few hundred thousand rupiah. First you can buy a grow light lamp to be used as a substitute for the sun.

Or if you want to save money, then you can move the plant regularly during the day and night. If the morning comes then you can place it outdoors to get full sun. Well, when the night comes you can put it in the house so it doesn't get lost.

Of course, such treatment will not be effective and may cause the plant to grow less than optimally. The maintenance is very simple, namely watering it every 3 days and giving AB mix fertilizer or liquid organic fertilizer for 1 month.

With these simple tools, it can be achieved that this Leea amabilis plant will grow lush and dense.

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