1. If any plants are damaged when they arrive at their destination, our top priority is to resend all damaged plants, in accordance with the terms and conditions. We provide plants for free as replacement plants, provided that the shipping costs are borne by the customer. This is because damage in shipping is part of the risk of buying live plants.

2. Refund only applies to plants whose condition is completely damaged (leaves, stems and roots) or conditions where the plants cannot be saved. If it is only leaves, we will not return the plants. Because it is a shipping risk and is a normal case.

3. Must include clear videos and photos when opening the package as evidence. Also please take a picture of your Phytosanitary certificate on the box.

4.Refund a maximum of 50% of the total plant order excluding the cost of Phytosanitary certificates and shipping costs.

5. Customers do not condemn and criticize on social media. If this is done, the refund process will be more difficult and maybe we will not refund.